Become a Volunteer

We Need Your Help

Volunteers are crucial for the success of our event. They help the event run smoothly and ensure that every attendee has a wonderful experience. Although volunteering is a great way to help the animals, have fun and meet like-minded people, it's also hard work.

Community Service Hours

We welcome volunteers who need to complete community service hours for school, work, or court (non-violent, non-theft, and non-animal offenses only). You must be over 13 years old.
For community service hours, all you need is…

  • photo ID
  • copy of the citation or coursework that indicates clearly how many hours are needed
  • any paperwork DITR needs to fill out to verify hours
  • closed toe, rubber soled shoes

Note: It is the volunteer’s responsibility to produce necessary paperwork and document their hours. DITR is happy to verify hours on the day of volunteering and sign forms testifying to that fact, but we are unable to verify hours after the fact.

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