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Unconditional. Dedicated. Exceptional.

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures;
they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive."

- Gilda Radner.

Robust Promotions

Leslie Allison-Seei and her husband, Greg, own Robust Promotions, an award-winning 16-year old Promotion and Sweepstakes agency and both have an exceptional love of animals. Currently owned and adored by five dogs who take turns visiting the office each day, Leslie has parlayed her passion for animals into a record-setting, fur-covered fundraising event for the 2nd time in two years!

For over two decades, Leslie has trained with two of her dogs to become Animal Assisted Therapy teams and currently works at her local hospital with Tiffany, a European Crème Golden Retriever.

Leslie volunteers with several local animal rescue groups and has helped find FUR-ever homes for many grateful pets. Having a special fondness for the Northern breeds, she has worked closely with Northern Illinois Samoyed Assistance (N.I.S.A.) and she and her husband have adopted two Sammies from the organization over the years. She’s even been known to dress up as a giant Samoyed for charity events!

Greg has a bumper sticker on the back of their car that reads, "Driver has no cash, wife rescues dogs!"

Leslie also helps transport service animals across the country to those needing them the most, including a 9-year old non-verbal autistic boy in Phoenix, AZ. Making a connect between animals and humans in need has become her passion.

It came as no surprise when Leslie, the Chairwoman of the Villa Park Community F.U.N. (Focus on Unifying Neighbors) Commission announced that they were going to try and break the World Record for Largest Dog Wedding Ceremony in September 2021 during their annual Paws & Claws in the Park animal adoption event. She even managed to get the Village President to wear a tuxedo and perform the vows that day! While the Delta variant of the COVID epidemic tamped down attendance, and the event fell short of breaking the record, it was nothing short of full hearts, lots of love and a beautiful day that raised thousands of dollars, split between 10 local animal rescue groups who participated.

This year, Leslie is bound and determined to break the record, and to raise over $100K for K9s for Warriors and the other animal charity organizations and vowed to help save more lives – both human and canine! And Greg says, "With all that has been going on, it seems like the whole world could do with some more puppy love!"


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